Gourmet Coffee Chocolate Cake

Rs. 400.00
The superb fusion of coffee, whipped cream and chocolate can easily make anyone fall for it. This cake is the best combo of chocolate and coffee. The super delicious treat for all chocolate lovers. This treat is indeed the delectable treat which is not only tasty but is filled with freshness as well. The cherries on top are giving it a more adorable look. No one can resist themselves from having the bite.The cake is formed with the super smooth buttercream, chocolate cream, cocoa powder and whipped cream. All the layers of the cake are iced with the chocolate and buttercream. The heavy layering of buttercream mixed with cocoa powder gives the fresh coffee essence to the cake. The basic ingredients of the cake are flour, butter, sugar,buttercream, chocolate cream, cocoa powder and cherries for garnishing. The top of the cake is iced with chocolate layering, swirls of whipped cream and red juicy cherries are eye-catching. This super delectable treat is pure paradise for chocolate and coffee lovers. Gift this mouth-watering treat on office parties, success parties, birthdays, anniversaries, new year, Christmas etc.

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