Strawberry Cake

Rs. 300.00
The creamy and buttery texture of strawberry cake when reaches in our mouth gives a superb taste. It is served as Valentine’s Day dish. Other occasions like birthday or anniversaries also call for this delicious cake.This cake is filled with strawberries and cream. This will add joy to your beloved one's face and if in the add-in you give a message to them then it will be a sweet smile on your loved ones face.Strawberry is used as a primary ingredient in Strawberry cake. Strawberry cake can be prepared by filling strawberries in between the layers of a cake or can be prepared with strawberries in the batter. Strawberry cake is served as Valentine’s Day dish. It can be served on other occasions like wedding anniversary, birthday party or much more. If your beloved one resides far –away from you, then you can surprise them by sending Strawberry cake to their doorstep.

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