Chocolaty Mud Cake

Rs. 450.00
If you want to swim in the pool of chocolate, this super delectable, chocolaty mud cake is the best thing to have on the table. Pamper your people and have this as the surprise dessert. Super delicious chocolate mud cake with lots of chocolate and smoothness to dive into. This could be the best treat for the soft elegant chocolate lover.This cake is a multilayered cake. All the layers of the cake are smoothly frosted with the layering of smooth chocolate cream. Outer of the cake are covered with the velvet textured whipped cream. Top of the cake is covered with the sprinkled chocolate powder. The chocolate chips are used to adorn the cake from the side outer as well as the top.The main ingredients of this chocolate mud cake are flour, sugar, butter, cocoa powder, whipped cream, chocolate cream and chocolate chips. This cake is the best cake to have for that passionate chocolate lover. That chocolate lover who keeps experimenting with taste but is passionate to smudge mouth with that choco cake. This cake is best to have on birthdays, anniversaries, love dates, friendship day, reunions, goodbye wish and much more.

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